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Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2 - One Wheel To Rule Them All?

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Fanatec has just announced a all new ClubSport Wheel Base, the ClubSport Wheel Base v2, and fortunately enough as a member of Simology and GTplanet I was able to beta test this new wheel base prior to release. This does mean that the experience as written below are based on a pre-production model of the base and are not fully representative of the final release version.
After many troubles with the original Base, feedback from the community and just simply a lot of losses, loss of confidence by the community and resulting dropping sales; Fanatec just had to do something.
Listening closely to their closest beta testers and some important names within the Sim Racing Community they came up with this all new base. Did it make a difference? Has the wheel base really been improved enough? Let's find out... is this really the one to rule over them all?!


When I first got send the ClubSport Wheel v2 I noticed how heavy the box was to one side. Which already provoked me to think 'Oh boy, that motor feels delishiously heavy'. It truly felt like good things were to come once I plugged it in.As I progressed and opened the box the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 was nicely packaged in a nice black bag and padded with firm foam pieces. 
In the box there were the following items: 
  • 2x adapter cable 'RJ11->PS/2' (~0.5 meter)
  • USB cable (~2 meters)
  • External powersupply unit of 24vDC at 7.5A (the ClubSport Wheel Base v1 powersupply did 24vDC at 5A)
  • EU powercable (~3 meters)
  • UK powercable (~3 meters)
  • USA powercable (~3 meters)
  • Spare O-ring for the Quick Release
  • 4 mounting screws
  • Quickstart manual/poster.


CSW_1_2.pngGetting the ClubSport Base v2 in my hands for the first time was a really enjoyable experience. It seemed the base had retained the same dimensions as the old base as well as the same mounting holes. This meant that it would be a one on one fit with the original Fanatec mounting holes on my rig. The no drilling painless swapping experience was a joy to say the least.The base even had the same ports for the wires on the back (Power, Data, Pedal, Shifter 2, Shifter 1, USB), so I looked forward to a quick install of those, as I could just keep the old wires in place. Apart from the new and bigger powersupply which was upgraded from a 24vDC @ 5A unit on the Base v1 to a 24vDC @ 7.5A unit now with the Base v2. Another tiny indication of what was to come apart from the motor's weight.

I had a good look around the base and noticed that Fanatec had removed the fan that blew air out on the right side and instead mounted this one in the back cover directly behind the motor. This is a fan that has no frame, so unfortunately no easy swapping out with computer parts for a better fan (more airflow/silent). Which might be a downside to a modder or two.
CSW-V2_S_02a.pngThe motor also had a nice big black heatsink around it with long fins with good spacing, which lets enough air pass them even with a back mounted fan. Still even though the heatsink is big the motor is still big as well and looked eager to show me what it's got.
One more thing to note was that I noticed how Fanatec now used 2 v-belts with 4 v-ribs to fully utilize the grip of the belt on the pulleys. Which must have been necessary to avoid any slippage, while keeping the tension as low as possible to keep the tension from increasing drag. They did increase the tension however in comparison to the Base v1, so there should not be any slippage happening. If you do however get any slip, feel free to increase the belt tension a bit until you are satisfied, the ball bearings should be able to handle the stress.
CSW-V2_S_01a.pngThey seemed to have improved the quick release system. I already noticed this when I got my hands on the Fanatec ClubSport Universal Hub, but on the base's hub there is now an o-ring and within the steering wheel's quick release there is also one on the other side. These both should make for a more snug fit and remove any remaining wobble as well as possible, next to the also increased manufacturing precision with even tighter quality control.
Now let's get a few things clear about mounting this beast. So basically if you have a wheel mount or rig that is able to support any past Fanatec wheel than this will just drop onto it, but! If the thing you're mounting it to is able to support a wheel with 7Nm of force without flexing... that's a different story!
My rSeat RS-Evo did flex a lot on the C-frame to which you mount the wheel. It's still Playable though, but if a severe clipping FFB effect causes oscillation than it will just warp the frame and if I held it with one hand... the wheel would stomp the C-frame on the floor whilst flexing it completely.
In other words...
WARNING!!! You may need to improve or get a new wheelstand/rig that is a bit more stable, and can handle high torque wheels.
The ClubSport Wheel Base v2, what can I say about my first experience...
I think I can only say that the first time I fired up a game and felt the wheel I was left speechless, amazed, with a grin from ear to ear... but most of all with a desire to play with it endlessly. I was so amazed by how much of an improvement it was, and it was spot on to what I had imagined a new revision of the ClubSport Wheel Base was supposed to feel like. Well done, Fanatec!
There was one serious downside too. While I am not the weakest around (not the strongest either though) I ended up with pretty sour arm and hand muscles. Even in crashes the power of this wheel was so much I hurt myself a bit, so I ended up doing what the professional racing drivers do... I let go of the wheel. Talk about realism! I never ever had to do that before while gaming.
Fanatec has got some big balls
Now I can go into detail on a per game basis, but I figured all of you would have your individual settings per game anyway. Besides, like the original ClubSport Wheel Base v1 the successor has just as many options. So my experience won't be exactly yours, and as your rig might be sturdier the forces will be transfered slightly differently. So instead I will talk you through the changes that were implemented into the new ClubSport Wheel Base.
Since we already talked about the improved Quick Release earlier I figure I better pass onto something more important. The biggest change apart from the obvious choice of motor is I find the choice for quality ball bearings all around, also in the motor.
The previous base had smaller bearings in the big pulley on the left, but more importantly the motor was only fit with sleeve bearings to support the driveshaft. The sleeve in this case is the casing of the motor. These bearings are good enough in situations where there is no lateral load put onto the axle, but as soon as say a Poly V-belt pulls on it (as in the Base v1's case) the axle would dig into the sleeve or vice versa. This created extra drag and caused wear on the motors driveaxis and sleeve, with the potential of it becoming crooked and the internals going out of critical alingment.
The new base has a bigger ball bearing in the left pulley as to be able to withstand more force as it has to witheld the tension of 2 belts. The all new brushless servo controlled motor has dual ball bearings for both support on the front and rear of the sleeve/casing. This greatly reduced the amount of drag in the new wheel, and even so much that they had to redesign the DRI setting for it.
Smooth as butter
The reason for the DRI redesign is that the mechanical drag became so low that they had to add artificial dampening via the motor so that old games still felt good. New games however can now make use of the lower mechanical drag and control the amount of drag via their game. With this you could for example simulate different steering rack systems. For example, anything from a pinky park powersteering rack, to a sports car powersteering rack or even so much that you replicate a old fashioned man handling non-power assisted steering rack. All of these can now be controlled/simulated by the new games instead. A big advantage in my opinion that is just dying to get utilized, and I hope the latest games and upcoming games will soon.
The new DRI setting works as follows in the ClubSport Wheel Base v2. It has 5 levels of artificial dampening, this being OFF/1/2/3/4/5.
When DRI is off the artificial dampening is fully functioning, but at 5 this dampening is gone and you're only resistance is whatever mechanical resistance there is left in the wheel. Which is purely the strain put onto the ball bearings by the tension of the belts.
Which leads directly to a consequence of using belts in a wheel, belt tension causing drag. The thing is that if you tighten the belts there
 will be no slip and as a result you get more feedback transfered from the motor to the wheel, but this increases the mechanical drag due to extra strain on the balls in the ball bearings. It simply adds friction that the motor needs to overcome. The same is the case the other way around, remove tension and you get more slip and less feedback transfered. Yet at that point the motor can more freely spin the pulleys and wheel inside the ball bearings.

This is really a point where you'll notice the difference between this the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 and any direct drive 
system, since a direct drive only has to support its motor axis (to which your steering wheel attaches) on ball bearings with no lateral tension that increases friction on the ball bearings. This also means that all the force generated via the magnetes inside the motor are directly applied onto the axis that your steering wheel is attached to. So there is no friction/drag at all, and no lag or dampening due to flex of the belts. Even though that last bit is very microscopic and can only be measured via professional equipment.
Smoothastic Precision
The next new thing is the use of two position sensors in this wheel. These two sensors have both got double the resolution as the Clubsport Wheel Base v1, and thus provides for an extremely smooth turn-in experience. For me, compared to the ClubSport Wheel Base v1 and the Thrustmaster T500 RS, it felt as if the Physics in games felt far more controlled. This because due to the high accuracy the wheels don't jump from one position to the next for the Physics engine, and thus the turning in becomes a more gradual experience.
I don't know if any of you guys have ever watched Top Gear's episode where James May gets a driving lesson from good ol' Jackie Stewart? He at one point starts to explain to him by example. At one moment Jacky suddenly gives James a push against the shoulder and James steps back as he tried to regain balance, but as Jacky for a second time slowly starts to push against James' shoulder he remains standing. Jacky explains that due to his smoother input James can anticipate better and won't be caught off gaurd and get out of balance so easily. He than goes on that it is the same with driving a car, the smoother your input the better and more stable the car can react to your input.
I really feel that this is also a concept that applies to sim racing and also to the sim racing equipment we use. The higher the precision, the smoother the input is that will drive the Physics in the game. This than is also what I witnessed coming from those other wheels and using the ClubSport Wheel Base v2, the cars started to react more controlled as if they could more easily anticipate what you were going to do. I could feel that the cars remained more balanced, and thus didn't need to find their resting point (their point of balance) anymore during any direction changes. Even if that just meant a small adjustment on the wheel.
Now I am sure you guys are wondering 'why the heck two position sensors?!'. Good question and i'll try to explain as it might be a bit technical.
The first HALL Effect Sensor is the one that's on the steering axis. This one is read with 4096 pulses per revolution. Which means there is no way in hell you'll be able to turn it as much as a hair without the sensor not picking up the movement. Also this same sensor has 0ms of delta delay time in DIView (a program to read out DirectInput events from keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc), so don't think you'll have any 'Input Delay' with this wheel... you won't!
The second HALL Effect Sensor is the one that's on the motor. This one has a much higher resolution, with a whopping 30.000 pulses per revolution. These figures won't matter so much for you turning your car in your favourite game though. This one is purely for the so called 'Servo Controller', an electronic brain that knows the exact state of the brushless motor it is controller in the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base v2. It reads information like speed, torque, rotor (drive shaft) position, etc. Knowing all this and knowing it at a high speed, means that the servo controller can adjust the power to the motor in such a way that it can reduce the cogging effect to nearly non-existant. According to Fanatec, on the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 it can only be measured in a lab with fancy equipment. 
So it's really the last thing you'll have to worry about. Well, if you are a beta tester and are thinking about sending this back than you will be in for a 'frightening' experience (okay, that's maybe ecxadurated). I am saying this as during my experience I went back to the Thrustmaster T500 RS for a few minutes. Those were the most horrible few minutes of my sim racing life. I knew the wheel was cogging a little, but coming from the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 it was like using a coarse handsaw. I really could at most feel only 50% of the force feedback effects that were transmitted, the rest were masked by cogging. The reason why I loved the Thrustmaster T500 RS over an aged ClubSport Wheel Base v1 is because the motor held up better and produced more torque and speed.
Got Torque?!
Which brings me to the last big bit of my talk about the new base.
The ClubSport Wheel Base v2 delivers a 7Nm of torque. To see how much that is let's get a few other numbers.
The SimSteering system produces 16Nm of torque, while the old ClubSport Wheel Base v1 only delivered 5.25Nm of torque.
To me this means that the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 delivers a lot in terms of the price to torque ratio (like with a harddrive the price to GB ratio). The Base v2 costs 599.95 euro (499.95 for pre-order price), while the SimSteering direct drive option costs 3000 euro. So the SimSteering option only delivers slightly more than double the torque for 5 to 6 times the price of a ClubSport Wheel Base v2.
I am sure you're thinking... 7Nm or 16Nm, that's a lot of difference, will I be satisfied with 7Nm?
air_vent_system.JPGWell, I think that depends on everyone's own demands. For me personally I think this is more than enough, as at this stage the force feedback feels so strong that I can't keep the wheel still. I have to let go on impact and basically I sometimes just want to turn it below 100% output (which is the default) as for some cars (especially powersteering ones) the default is just coming through too strong. It just has that much power.
The difference between the Base v1 with 5.25Nm and the Base v2 with 7Nm is big as well. This has to do with the construction difference between brushed and brushless motors, and how well they can be cooled. The brushed motors in the v1 had generated the heat on the copper coils that were on the rotating drive shaft, that heat had to travel through the air and than had to warm up the casing. There wasn't a simple way of directly cooling the coils inside. This meant that the coils got too hot and generated an effect we call 'heat fade'. The warmer the coils got, the less output they generated and thus the less torque there was produced. So even while the Base v1 had a 5.25Nm rating, this was never achieved for a long time.
The brushless motor in the new Base v2 has its copper coils on the sleeve/casing side, so the heat now gets directly transfered from the coils to the sleeve and into the black air cooling block. Therefor there isn't much noticible heat fade effect, but of course a cold motor always gets up to a certain operating temperature and thus will always have a difference of strength. However, I did not at all feel like it was that huge that it would influence my force feedback feel so much that I had to change my settings mid race. Something that was the case with the old base. I never knew if it were my force feedback settings that changed or became buggy somehow in a game, or if it was the wheel. I just never could trust the ClubSport Wheel Base v1 in this area, but I can with the new ClubSport Wheel Base v2.
One thing that sticks out above all in comparison to both basis is how easy the new base is able to spin the notoriously heavy BMW GT rim around. It has no issues at all with this wheel, but a weight difference is a weight difference still. So it's not like it won't effect the base at all, but the motor won't bog down and is able to replicate the force feedback effects as it would with for example the Formula Rim. So there is no loss in fidelity so to speak. Than again, the reduced mechanical resistance also plays a great part in this aspect. In this case it might be best if I direct you to a video review online of fellow testers, as this might be something that is better seen than described in text to make it believable.
CSW-V2_big_01-1000x666.pngThe precision to feel a pebble on the road
Now as far as the precision of the force feedback goes. The new motor is definitely faster than the old but what is more noteworthy, and I've already said it, is that the servo controller makes for more accurate forces with less delay.
The delay I am talking about is the delay for the motor to get its drive axis to spin from a stop, normally you'd ramp up the power to the motor until it starts to spin. Now with the servo controller the controller knows the motor characteristics and compensates with delivering more power initially to get it to start turning the motor axis, and with that eventually the wheel, almost instantly.
That isn't the only thing though. As good as the servo controller knows how to start up the rotation, it knows how to stop it as well. This makes for a very convincing and powerful experience when going over something like a curb. The rumble is strong with this one!
As I said before, I just can't stop the wheel from moving in my hands. When the wheel starts to oscillate in a game for whatever reason than it's hard to make the wheel stop doing that. In fact, if I don't turn down the force settings in the wheel menu (which is hard to get to on a wheel that's going nuts!) than I just can't... even if it I to strangle it! In that case it just ends up having a go at flexing my rSeat.
This also means that I can't get the motor to stay still at its moment of maximum torque delivery, also called stall torque. The stall torque figure is the figure needed to overcome the torque of the motor. Now without the motor standing still at those high torque levels, the coppor coils will not overheat and thus you won't damage the motor easily and you won't be able to generate massive heatfade by doing it. At least, that's going by the fact that you are as strong as me. If you are able to stall the motor than it might be better to look for an even more powerful wheel that suits your muscles best.
Conclusions and extra noteworthy details
The Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2 is in my opinion what the original base should have been. However, now it's here let us all rejoice. The new base sets the bar higher once again for the competition. The base in my opinion can't improve from here on out, unless the friction on the ball bearings can even be further reduced without causing the belts to slip.
The precision of the wheel adheres to the advice of Sir Jackie Stewart by enabling you to be smoother with your steering input than ever before, therefor you will upset the car in your favourite game less and you will be more in control than ever before.
The power, speed and control of the brushless servo controlled motor used is simply so good that it will give any sim racer a good workout. Although a pro-racer might be looking for a more beefy experience and order a direct drive, I think even the professionals among us will definitely enjoy the high detail of the force feedback this wheel with this motor can produce.
The belts are tensioned in such a way that they do not produce much friction, but there is some as you can't fling it the full 900 degrees from lock to lock in one go. Do note though that it does run with about the same or less friction than a G25/G27. The tension is such though that you will have no slip, not even micro-slip that only at peak high torque moments. So this guarantees that all feedback the motor is producing, will be received by your hands.
The best thing I haven't mentioned yet though, but you might have heard it, Fanatec will make the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 compatible with other consoles than Sony's Playstation 3 via steering wheel upgrades.
This means that if you own Microsoft's XBOX One or Sony's PlayStation 4 and want the ClubSport Wheel Base v2 to be compatible with either one, than you can just buy a new steering wheel which will hold all the necessary electronics for that console. As of current Fanatec is still negotiating with some parties, but I am sure there will be a press release or some more news about this in the future. So stay tuned for more info about this here on Simology or go directly over the Fanatec's Blog.
As a final verdict. Is this new base worth the upgrade?
The base is definitely an upgrade from the Thrustmaster T500 RS or the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v1. In my opinion it was as much as a jump from the Logitech G25/G27 to the Thrustmaster T500 or the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v1. I mean that as a jump on all levels ranging from torque, to smoothness, to mechanical friction, to speed, etc. On all facets this is the better wheel!Now at to the obvious tech stats the features like future compatibility with both current gen consoles, the compatibility with Fanatec's own awesome ClubSport line of handbrakes, pedals, shifters and other accessoires... and last but not least the improved quick release that in case of my pre-production wheel didn't require the 'security bolt' anymore, and thus I could just swap the wheels as a good quick release would let you.
All of those things together in a 500 to 600 euro package for the base only (so excluding all those accessoires) is definitely worth it. If you already have a ClubSport Wheel Base than you'll have to pay only for the base itself. Fanatec CSR Elite owners will have to purchase their first quick release wheel, but most likely they already own a nice pedalset and shifter to use with that.
Now the people coming from a competitor, for those it can be the most expensive to take the jump. I still do recommend it though if you have the money, but if you'll have a chance to try this new ClubSport Wheel Base v2 at a friends house than you should. Convince yourself of the big difference it makes especially once you come home again to your own.
All in all I'd advice anyone to start saving up if you really want one. There is no rush as Fanatec has an invitational system in place to control the flow of the sales a little. So it might be a bit before this spectacular product is in regular stock in a Fanatec warehouse near you, or you could always see if a friend has a spare invite for you when you have the money.
A few words of thanks
Thanks to all the sim racers out there who were supportive of me writing this review. It took some time, but I did it all for you guys. So I hope you all enjoyed the read.
Lastly I wish to thank everyone at Fanatec/Endor A.G. for the chance to participate in these beta tests. It was a great experience and I hope I can test and/or review some more items in the future.
©Simology 2014
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  • Elias Tsapsides Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Christiaan, I would like to thank you for a very informative review, I remember you being quite skeptical about the CSW V1 and knowing that you are the owner of CSW V1, T500 and G25 I assume that the CSW V2 wins your sympathies.

    As soon as it becomes available I will preorder it and hope that it is more reliable than my CSR Elite wheel and the CSW V1 :)

    Reply Cancel
  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    It will be more reliable for sure. I am expecting Logitech reliability with this base. :)
    It does remain hard to judge in just a good month of using this pre-production model, so don't hold me accountable too much for my reliability comments at this stage. Fanatec has already made some improvements on the motor it seems, see the Fanatec blog, so my pre-production unit definitely won't be correctly reflect the quality of the final production units that everyone will get.

    All in all I don't want to go back to any previous product. So I hope Fanatec will at some point makes us a nice Base v2 offer of some kind, just to thank us for our efforts. For now the base I have is property of Endor A.G./Fanatec and will have to be send back, which will make me a bit sad when the time comes... no doubt about that.

  • Elias Tsapsides Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    I guess there is no better alternative for someone wanting a multi platform support from a single wheel base. Especially having in mind all the improvements they have made.

    But Fanatec wheels were never reliable enough so that is the most critical point here and I hope that they have improved the quality control with this one.

  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    I think these will be at a Logitech reliability level. Which should mean a lot to many sim racers out there.

  • Elias Tsapsides Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    There is a saying in greek which if you translate to english says - "from your mouth to Gods ears" :)

  • Carson79 Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Great review Christiaan.

    Reply Cancel
  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Thanks, Mark.
    You'd hit the fact that you were a tester as well though. :)
    Did I miss your review or didn't you write one?

  • HoiHman Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Great review Christiaan.

    Reply Cancel
  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Thank you, Henk.
    You did a nice review yourself as well. :)

    Link to HoiHman's review at GTplanet: http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/fanatec-clubsport-wheel-base-v2-review.316377/

  • twelfthgear Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Thanks for the review. It sounds like a substantial redesign. It seems like they've taken the existing tooling and basic design as far as they can.

    Reply Cancel
  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Just about. The only way they can improve is by adding 'MORE POWER!!!' in a Jeremy Clarkson kind of way. Drop in a bigger engine... eh FFB motor and go!
    The only problem is that a bigger motor does not fit within the current constraints of the CSW casing. So you will have to deal with something bigger on your desk/rig/wheelmount. So this is simply the most they can get out of the current form factor.

  • Aaron Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    Awesome review. I hope if/when they release the console compatible wheels they retain the same quality wheel options, not a toy looking wheel

    Reply Cancel
  • Christiaan van Beilen Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    I reckon the wheel quality will be the same as you're used to for the ClubSport line of products. So metal with quality leather, suede or Alcantara.
    At least it would not make sense to have a whole line of products at a certain quality level and than throw some plastic toy wheels in there. ;)

  • N.Mind Thursday, 04 September 2014

    Nice view on well known features. What makes a really great review - at least some criticism (things to improve), however ;] Nice "real world" examples, like new experience in [sim],[track],[car] would not hurt as well ;]

  • Christiaan van Beilen Thursday, 04 September 2014

    If I knew where to improve, I would tell you guys! No, better than that. I would tell Fanatec first so they could work on it as soon as possible.
    Honestly, I really do not know where to improve. Especially not on a mechanical level. On a firmware level it works the same as the CSW v1 apart from the DRI setting. Which I didn't have any gripes with either as it does exactly what it should do.
    Sometimes there are just products where it is hard to impossible to complain about, as strange as that seems to some.

    In regards to sim/track/car references, that is something I did not go into for reasons stated in the review. The way I play a game differs from the next person, because we all use a different set of settings. Which means I had to go into more detail on a per game basis, making the review impossibly long and more than a chore to read. Plus I kind of figured some of the other reviewers would go over game specific details already. Those are basically the reasons why I choose not to.

    I will take your criticism/tips with me for when I write another review though. :)

  • Fran Saturday, 06 September 2014

    Hi Christiaan, Could you tell us What steering wheel used in the tests( Porsche, BMW,...)? and if you have used several is there much difference between the BMW steering wheel and the others?

    A greeting from Spain, Fran

  • lopsided Tuesday, 09 September 2014

    Hi Christiaan,
    This is the first time I've been tempted by a Fanatec wheel. I've had my reservations due to well known quality issues and I've had some issues with my CSP v2 pedals that were aggravating but....
    I have to admit, even though I do enjoy certain DYI projects and was actively working on ideas for a new rim for my T500, I really like the assortment of rims Fanatec has already released. It's always good to see a company continue to add to their product line. Price wise, I have no issues with it... particularly considering the cost of some of the bits and pieces I've been pricing for a single custom built rim for the T500.

    I don't see myself as someone who would be in the market for the direct drive wheels some are anxiously awaiting so this seems as though it's the only other product for me to try. For the most part I want a quality wheel that's sensitive and yes... pretty :), with hopes of some additional add on pieces. It's fun to crank the FFB up for a bit and feel the pain but I could never do that for any length of time and depending on the car it usually slows me down. I'd like to feel all the nuances of the road but not necessarily the actual "weight" that a real life racer might have to endure.

    This just might be another one of those products that will cost me to try. I like to follow the reviews as much as anyone but on more than one occasion I've had to purchase a product to make up my own mind. If the retailer takes returns, great, if not - I take a small loss but at least I can scratch it off the bucket list! lol

    Would you replace your T500 with this?

  • Simraceman Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Fanatec reliability is terrible as well as their customer service, a shame for the price of their hardware

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